Smokehouse 10-12 Inch Prime Slice Beef Tendon

  • Smokehouse 10-12 Inch Prime Slice Beef Tendon


Smokehouse Pet Products Beef Prime Slice Beef Tendon For Dogs 10-12 in.

The Smokehouse Prime Slice Is Made From A 100% Usda Piece Of Beef Tendon.

This Great-tasting Dog Treat Is High In Protein And Low In Fat Content.

The Prime Slice Is Gradually Cooked To Destroy Any Bad Bacteria Or Salmonella Without The Use Of Harmful Chemicals Or Artificial Additives.

As It Simmers In Its Own Juices, The Natural Favors And Colors Are Amplified.

Each Appetizing Piece Will Clean Your Dog's Teeth And Gums As He Satisfies His Chewing Needs.

Smokehouse Pet Products began preparing specialty natural dog treats in 1991. For over 30 years their parent company, Aries Prepared Beef, has been supplying the food service trade with high quality cooked and smoked meats. Smokehouse Pet Products are sold internationally to Canada, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong. They will continue to develop new treat items that are both wholesome and nutritious. All their treats are slow roasted to preserve the flavors of the real beef, pork,chicken,turkey and lamb that is used in the making of these treats. All Smokehouse products are slow roasted in their natural juices for up to 60 hours. At Smokehouse, they are continually creating new and exciting products that they know will enhance the quality of life of your pet.

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