Chuckit! Tri-Bumper Medium



Chuckit! Tri-Bumper, MediumThe Chuckit! TriBumper is made from rubber, EVA foam and polyester construction. Tug it; shake it; toss it - this medium-sized rubber bumper provides erratic bounce! The contoured center joint tapers to allow easy pickup for dogs of any size. Available in different sizes. It’s a beautiful day outside for an exhilarating game of fetch with the Chuckit! ® Tri-bumper™ dog toy! Watch as our furry friend eagerly awaits to retrieve the erratically bouncing Tri-bumper, again and again, for hours of fun! Contoured shape makes pick-up easy. This innovative dog toy is sure to put more bounce in your pet’s game of fetch! 

Dimensions 8.2" X 8.2"

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