Cadet Chicken Rawhide Chips 1 Pound Bag

  • Cadet Chicken Rawhide Chips 1 Pound Bag


Cadet Chicken Rawhide Chips 1 Pound Bag

Rawhide chews and bones are every dog’s friend.

They are the perfect treat for your pet and keep your dog feeling happy and healthy while looking after their teeth and gums too.

They are a popular treat for dogs to have because it promotes the natural instinct that a dog has to chew.

Some dogs will spend hours chewing and, after all, chewing rawhide bones or chews are much better than your slippers or best shoes.

Chewing can provide your dog with stimulation and relive anxieties that your dog may have, especially puppies that are getting used to their surroundings.

It keeps your dog’s jaw strong and gives their teeth a good clean.

It’s been proven that dogs that chew regularly on rawhides have less build-up of plaque and tartar on their teeth.

- Tartar Control

- Promotes Healthy Teeth and Gums

- Great Chewing Exercise

- Made in Paraguay

- 1 LB Bag of Chicken Flavored Chips

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