Dingo 7 Pack Mini Knotted Dental Bones

  • Dingo 7 Pack Mini Knotted Dental Bones
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Dingo Dental Bone Doggie dental care is important, but who says it can't also taste great Dingo Dental Bones are premium rawhide bones with delicious chicken jerky in the middlewith the added benefit of natural ingredients for dental health and fresh breath.

Encourages dogs to chew for the good stuff and have fun doing it, all while getting cleaner teeth!


Rawhide motivates healthy and appropriate chewing

Contains baking soda, chlorophyll and parsley seed for clean teeth and fresh breath

Satisfies your dog's natural urge to chew

Long lasting

Rich in protein, low fat

Highquality ingredients for better taste and firmer texture

Size: Mini 7 pk. 2.5" Long

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