Comparing Frontline Plus vs K9 Advantix vs Advantage

Flea and Tick Protection

A Comparison of the Major Brands

Fleas and ticks are not a minor annoyance. They can cause skin allergies and dermatitis in your dogs. Dogs can also get other infections, even tapeworms, from them. If the dog has a lot of ticks and fleas, the dog can lose a lot of blood and get anemia or even die. Also, ticks carry Lyme disease and other diseases.

There are many products available now that keep these pests off dogs. They also come in many different forms, but for this comparison, only Advantage, Frontline Plus and K-9 Advantix are looked at. All three of these medications are available at rock bottom prices here on

All three products promise that fleas will die. The pesticides incapacitate the fleas just about immediately and then the fleas and their larvae die. Advantage, from Bayer, claims the fleas are dead within 24 hours. Frontline Plus, from Merial, says the fleas die within 18 hours. K-9 Advantix, also from Bayer, goes to work immediately, and the fleas and larvae are dead within 12 hours. They all continue working for a month.

Advantage does not work on ticks; the other two do. Frontline Plus says it kills ticks within 48 hours. K-9 Advantix also works within the same time frame.

Other Pests
Advantage kills lice. Frontline Plus kills lice too. K-9 Advantix also works on lice, and it kills mosquitoes. Bayer says K-9 Advantix also repels fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

All three are water-resistant, but there are cautions. Bathe the dog before applying the drops or several days after. Otherwise, they’re fine while bathing, swimming or in rotten weather. Also, they all recommend a non-detergent shampoo for bathing the dog.

Harm to humans
Advantage contains only one pesticide, so it’s comparatively harmless to humans. Frontline Plus uses two pesticides (one for the fleas and one for the ticks), and it’s recommended that children stay away from the application area for a couple of days. K-9 Advantix also has two pesticides, only they’re stronger than the Advantage’s or Frontline’s, and there are warnings about children staying away for a couple of days, and it is lethal to cats.

All dosages are based on the dog’s weight. All three products caution against using them on dogs younger than eight weeks. Frontline Plus is safe for pregnant and lactating females.

These products contain strong pesticides and so treat them with respect. Since none of the products use the same pesticides and they use different strengths, you may have to try all three, which come in packages of four, before you settle on the one for your pooch. Choose the one that best suits your needs and then follow the directions carefully.