The Five Best Non Shedding Dogs

No Muss, Very Little Fuss

Nearly every dog sheds from a little to a lot. If you’re not interested in or too busy for sweeping and vacuuming daily clouds of fur daily or at least several times a week, these are the dogs for you. These five not only don’t shed, they take very little in the way of brushing or grooming. Be aware that non-shedding doesn’t mean hypoallergenic. The dogs who are hypoallergenic are often non-shedders, but not always. Here they are in alphabetical order.

1. Basenji—A small dog, the Basenji has a smooth coat that he cleans like a cat. He also doesn’t smell like a dog. He does best in a home with older children, and although he attaches to his family, he’s not so open to strangers. Within the family he’s playful and energetic. Watch out, he likes to chew.

2. Bichon Frise—Although the Bichon doesn’t shed, he does need to be groomed frequently to keep the powder puff in trim. He also gets tear tracks so consider that as part of his grooming. He’s a happy, playful pooch who loves to be around people.

3. Chinese Crested (hairless)—Well, of course; they don’t have any fur or practically none. On top of that they rarely get fleas or ticks. Also, they’re little cuddle bugs; they’re friendly to one and all. Parents have to teach their small children to treat them kindly because they are so outgoing, the children might be misled about their fragility.

4. Italian Greyhound—This dog needs very little grooming in addition to his not shedding. A quick bath every now and again and a thorough drying are about all he needs to stay clean. This is a high-strung dog, but he’s also playful.
5. Schnauzer—All three sizes of schnauzer have wiry fur that needs a daily brushing because the fur can mat. He needs to go to the groomer about twice a year so he maintains his schnauzer. The miniature is a spunky little one who can get himself into a lot of mischief without proper training.

Honorable mention for ginormous dogs goes to the Scottish Deerhound. Honorable mention for large dogs goes to the Bouvier des Flandres; for medium-sized dogs to the Portuguese Water Dog, and the Irish Water Spaniel, and for the small dogs to the Poodle and the Maltese.

The Terriers
The terriers as a group are for the most part shedless. Also, many of them are hypoallergenic. These peppy, inquisitive, headstrong little ones (for the most part; the Airedale is large.) need grooming and brushing, but their personality can entertain for hours.

So, there they are, the five best non-shedding dogs and the honorable mentions. These dogs won’t clutter your house with mounds of fur that don’t bother them even if it bothers you. They’re just an all-around pleasure to have around the house, the clean house.