How To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Follow the Basics, and Your Dog Will Thrive

You want what’s best for your companion, but you’re not really sure what that is. Well, what keeps you healthy is what will keep the dog healthy: diet, exercise, good grooming and regular vet visits.

1. Diet
Find a food the dog likes and stick to it. And, for heaven’s sake, don’t overfeed the dog and don’t feed him from the table. Being overweight can take years away from the dog’s life. So can feeding him food cooked for humans. If you’re not sure he’s getting everything he needs, you can supplement the dog’s food with vitamins, specifically designed for dogs, such as AKC RenewTrients dog multi-vitamins, found at

When a dog gets older, he quite often develops arthritis. When this happens, you can add glucosamine and chondroitin to his diet. Healthy Baker glucosamine treats from takes the agony out of shoving a pill down the dog’s throat.

2. Exercise
Daily exercise is important for the dog’s body and his mind. A good run, whether it’s to the end of the block for the little guys or miles for the big fellas, keeps muscle tone and keeps the boredom devils at bay. Don’t, however, let the dog roam free. He’s on a leash any time he’s not in the yard or house.

Even if all you have time for is just a stroll down the street, dogs like to sniff and smell. So take some time for the dog to smell every blade of grass, every tree trunk (the doggy newspaper tells him who’s visited), every utility box and every retaining wall. That’s exercise too. Their walks aren’t just for letting them take care of their personal business; they’re for exercise too.

3. Grooming
Bathing and brushing your dog will keep his fur shiny and free of mats, if long-haired. If the dog has dry skin, try oatmeal conditioning shampoo for dry and itchy skin from www.dogsupplies. It will calm the dog’s skin down just as lotion calms our skin.  Sparkle & Shine Brightening & Conditioning shampoo with yogurt and honey will make the fur easier to brush.

Regular brushing (from once a day for the high-end shedders to once a week for the not-so-bad shedders) is a must not only for the dog’s healthy skin and coat, but also to keep the fur from flying around the house. You can find an ample range of grooming rakes, dematters and brushes at

Of course, flea and tick control are part of the grooming process. A once-a-month application of Advantage or Frontline will keep those pesky critters away, not just from the dog, but its bed and you too.

4. Veterinarian Visits
Keeping the dog’s shots current will save you a world of hurt. The diseases these shots protect against are not pretty and can be fatal. Keep a record of when he got his last shots just in case the vet’s office doesn’t send you a postcard or give you a call as a reminder.

So, there you have it. Follow these steps, and your dog will live a happy, healthy and long, long life. A dog requires a lot of time and attention, let’s give it to him. Simple enough.