Dog Training


I love football, I have since I was about 12 and taught myself everything I needed to know about the sport. And, since I lived in Green Bay for a few years this year’s Superbowl was fun for me, but it was the Puppybowl that got me thinking!

Socialization for young puppies is essential! Puppies must be taught at a young age how to act and react in any given situation that might arise under normal circumstances during their life. The things we do when we are young prepare us for life.

Puppies are like babies their minds and bodies are growing rapidly and it is critical to socialize them while they are young and happily forming opinions about things. If that vital window of time and opportunity is missed it will be much more difficult if not impossible to teach them the things they need to know about socialization with people and other dogs.

Getting Started

The world is a scary place full of disease that can threaten the lives of puppies. Therefore it is important to speak with your vet about proper vaccinations and socialization. Most of the time it is recommended that puppies receive at least 2 to 3 distemper vaccines and possibly even their rabies vaccination before they are safe to wander about in the world.

Does that Mean You Can’t Socialize Your Pup Until After he is 16 Weeks Old?

Absolutely Not!

You just have to ensure safety to the best of your ability.

Your new puppy may begin playing with fully vaccinated well cared for dogs that you are familiar
with and that you trust. Don’t let your new puppy play with just any adult dog, in the beginning you
must find dogs that are patient and kind and that will play appropriately or the play session could be traumatic. Find dogs of all shapes and sizes for your pup to play with!

You can take your new puppy with you to places like Starbucks and let him socialize with people of all types, just don’t put him on the ground unless he is fully vaccinated.

Socializing with people of all shapes, ages, sizes and ethnicities is critical when puppies are young, so get out there and broaden your pups horizons. Proper dog training really has a strong foundation in great socialization!

Once your pup has gotten use to socializing with all kinds of people and dogs that you are familiar with and is fully vaccinated you may begin letting him socialize with other puppies his own age! This is when life and play gets fun for him! You can enroll him in puppy socialization classes or check with your vet to see if they have play times available.

Dogs can only learn about play from each other! If they don’t learn early in life their ability to socialize with other dogs and communicate with each other may be lost or at the very least extremely inhibited.

Play is crucial for puppies, it teaches them how to interact and it helps make them tired! So get your puppy out there and let him learn the benefits of play!