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What Are the Heaviest Dog Breeds?

The Behemoths of the Dog World

So, you want a really big dog. Well, there are plenty of them, most of them in the mastiff family. Remember, before you buy one, they’re eating machines; they need lots of exercise; and they don’t live as long as smaller dogs, but it’s still a long-time commitment. Also, they all need extensive training and exercise, even the gentle giants.

The Mastiffs
Bernese Mountain Dog—His thick, double coat makes him very adaptable to cold weather. Originally, he pulled carts for farmers. Under all that fur is muscle.
Weight: up to 110 pounds
Height: up to 27 inches
Life Span: 6 to 8 years
Personality: Calm, gentle, good with children
Grooming: Brush regularly

Bullmastiff—He’s all muscle, but he’s agile too. Bred to guard estates from poachers, he remains a good guard dog for the family. He slobbers and snores, but he’s lovable.
Weight: up to 130
Height:  up to 27 inches
Life Span: up to 10 years
Personality: gentle giant, good with children
Grooming: Doesn’t need much grooming or brushing

Great Dane—The leaning tower of dog, the Great Dane loves to lean against humans, but training can end that. He’s not fully grown until he’s past one year old.
Weight: up to 200 pounds
Height: up to 36 inches
Life Span: up to 10 years
Personality: gentle giant; OK indoors, but he needs a lot of exercise.
Grooming: Even though he’s smooth coated, he needs brushing because he does shed.

Great Pyrenees—This massive bank of white likes any kind of weather, but especially cold weather. His double coat acts as his insulation. He loves the great outdoors and needs a large yard.
Weight: up to 100 pounds
Height: up to 32 inches
Life Span: up to 10 years
Personality: friendly with family, aloof with strangers
Grooming: Lots of brushing; they shed the undercoat once a year

Mastiff—This square, muscular giant is actually one of the gentle giants. One word of caution, however, he snores like a train. Not good for apartment living, he’ll do well with a big yard.
Weight: 150 to 200 pounds
Height: about 30 inches
Life Span: up to 12 years
Personality: gentle, loyal, good with children
Grooming: He sheds, so lots of brushing even though he’s smooth-coated.

Neapolitan Mastiff—His droopy face and body hide a lot of muscle. He’s not a graceful dog like some of the other big dogs, but he’s still impressive looking.
Weight: up to 170 pounds
Height: up to 31 inches
Life Span: up to 10 years
Personality: Very protective, but calm most of the time
Grooming: Some brushing with a nonmetal brush

Newfoundland—This guy can give Michael Phelps a run, or a swim, for his money. His thick coat protects him in the water. He can also haul carts.
Weight: up to 150 pounds.
Height: up to 28 inches
Life Span: up to 10 years
Personality: agreeable, loving, good family dog
Grooming: This is one hirsute dog. Brush often. Keep bathing to a minimum because he needs the oils in his coat for protection.

Saint Bernard—The slobbering, good-natured Saint Bernard really does save people in the snow and ice; his sense of smell is acute. The only thing is he doesn’t carry a little keg of brandy around his neck.
Weight: up to 200 pounds
Height: 25 to 28 inches
Life Span: 8 to 10 years
Personality: gentle giant; OK indoors, even a couch potato, if he gets enough exercise.
Grooming: There are two types of Saint Bernard, the rough-coated and the smooth. Both need brushing and grooming.

The Others
Irish Wolfhound—There’s some question whether this is a dog or a small horse. He needs lots of walks, but not a lot of roughhousing until he’s older than two. He’s a sight hounds, so will chase small animals. He also needs a big yard and house.
Weight: up to 150
Height: up to 34 inches. He can stand up to 7 feet.
Life Span: up to 8 years
Personality:  Pleasant, good with children, loyal
Grooming: Brush regularly

Rottweiler—Rotties are smart, working dogs who function as service dogs, therapy dogs or police dogs. They’re also outgoing, loving companions.
Weight: up to 130 pounds
Height: up to 27 inches
Life Span: 10 to 12 years
Personality: loving, wary of strangers
Grooming: Occasional brushing and grooming

Scottish Deerhound—The Scottish Deerhound looks like a shaggy Greyhound with a deep chest and narrow hips. The Scottish Deerhound is dignified and quiet but still needs a big yard. The Deerhound is a sight hound, so will chase anything that moves.
Weight: up to 110
Height: up to 32 inches
Life Span: up to 10
Personality: loves everyone, including strangers, loyal
Grooming: Brushing and trimming