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Do Not Ignore Good Dog Dental Hygiene

Healthy Dog Teeth Mean a Healthy Dog

Your dog has bad breath. So what. Don’t all dogs have bad breath? It’s no big deal. Unfortunately, it is. Your dog may have gum disease.

Your dog has red gums, not a nice healthy pink, red. Again, you think what’s the prob. Big mistake. The dog has gum disease.

Your dog’s gums are bleeding. Well, that can’t be good. It isn’t. Maybe the bleeding will stop on its own. It won’t. The dog has gum disease.

Your dog is drooling like a waterfall, even more than usual. You see the pattern here, I’m sure. The dog has gum disease.

If your dog has bad breath, red gums, bleeding gums or excessive drool, you can’t ignore these problems or brush them off. The dog probably has some degree of gum disease, too much tartar and plaque on his teeth. It’s a big mistake to ignore gum disease. Ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. The disease can only get worse. The dog can lose teeth, which means insufficient chewing, which means gastrointestinal problems. And once the gut starts to go, everything else bad seems to follow.

OK, now that you’re paying attention… Here are things you can do to halt the disease from progressing. First, see the vet because the dog probably needs a thorough cleaning. This involves anesthesia, which means quite an outlay of cash. After the vet does the dirty work, you must take over the dog’s teeth cleaning routine. Yes, teeth cleaning. Just like us. Routinely.

After the vet has restored some dental health to the dog, you can maintain the dog’s healthy teeth by brushing them on a daily basis with products such as the KissAble toothbrush and toothpaste combo. The dog toothpaste must be specifically for dogs because human toothpaste can make the dog sick. If the dog doesn’t agree to this program, then you can do it fewer days a week. Or, you can try PetzLife Oral Care either in spray or gel. The manufacturer says it will dissolve plaque and tartar.

For in-between times try crunchy treats and add some kibble to the dog’s diet. The hardness of the food will scrub the tartar and plaque off the teeth. Also, there are Z Ridge edible chews, which come in all sizes, and freshen the breath. For play try the Dental Kong with rope. The rope acts like floss.

If the dog is a puppy, start brushing every day. Then, once you continue it, you’ll have a good habit established, and the dog won’t give you grief because he won’t know anything different.

Letting gum disease go is not the answer. Find a way to keep your dog’s teeth in optimal shape and stick to it. This will prevent gum disease and prolong your dog’s life.