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Diabetic Dog Food And What To Feed A Diabetic Dog

Food for a Diabetic Dog

A Pivotal Part of a Dog’s Regimen

Diabetes is a disease that affects not only humans, but it affects dogs also. Diabetes means the pancreas can’t produce enough insulin to process sugar and other simple carbohydrates, so that sugar builds up in the system, and the dog can go into shock and even die. The owner will notice more urinating and more thirst as symptoms.

To manage diabetes, the owner must give the dog shots and control his food so that the blood glucose (sugar) remains stable. The food must have high protein and low carbohydrates and fat. Also, the owner has to control the portions of food and the amount of total food. Also, feeding times are regimented; two to four small meals a day, depending on the dog’s size and number of shots. The dog must eat some carbohydrates, but of the complex variety, such as brown rice and oats, which also supply fiber. In addition, the food’s salt level must stay low to help the thirst and urination problems get better.

Once the dog is diagnosed with diabetes, the vet will recommend a special diet. Some pet food manufacturers, such as Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin and Purina, offer wet and dry food for diabetic dogs. They’re available by prescription only. These foods provide all the nutrients the dogs needs as well as the right balance of foods.

It’s possible for owners to cook the dog’s food, so the dog is getting human-grade food. This puts the responsibility squarely on the owner’s shoulders. Before undertaking such a task, he should discuss the plan with the vet. The diet must contain whole grains; lean meats, such as skinless chicken or very lean beef, drained of all fat; and mixed, chopped or grated fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkin, green beans and broccoli (fresh, frozen or canned although fresh is best). Then, he has to consider the other nutrients the dog needs, such as vitamins, minerals and fatty acids the basic mixture doesn’t deliver. There are many recipes online, but they should be cleared with the vet before feeding them to the dog.

Getting the dog’s blood sugar stabilized may take some time, but it is a must. Once the right diet is found for the dog and the shots are the right dosage, it’s possible for the dog to live many more years.